Sunday, August 19, 2012

A trial brigade fumes above the load.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Daniel's 1st day in kindy

My darling boy entered kindy this year @ age 4

His last week orientation was bad...crying non-stop

But today is better...just a little hiccup

Morning wake up said "wanna go por por house"
Refused to change to his uniforms but at last he did after much mumblings from his mummy a.k.a. Me
Reach kindy and refused to step in
So, I led him to his classroom n tell him mummy need to go to work
He then cried super loud n one of the teacher Rata needs to carry n console him
The other class teacher is teacher Lee

Off I went back home n wait eagerly for his class to dismiss at 12pm
When I went to pick him up, he looks happy
Teacher Lee said Daniel is the only one crying today....but just for a while...
And guess what? Dunno which kid accidentally took Daniel's water tumble home.....muahahahahaha

All this sure happens once a while when u put 13kids together in a class

Looking forward to tomolo...2nd day of kindy!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

the last day of Y2011

my last post was the first month of this year..and now it is the last month of the year...LOL

what have i been up to all this year?

travelled to taiwan for a short holiday with my parents and sis....need to go one more time as there are still many unvisited places there :)

as usual we have our spore trip to visit my grandma...this time we went by airplane which mean the kids had their first flight experience....

still working with pru...still learning at work..can u imagine that? insurance line is a never ending one...all cases are diff...but is is a nice learning experience till now...

me still a mother of two sign of 3rd kid yet...hehehehehe...

daniel now age 3 years and 8 months...he started his kindy orientation day and he HATES it... no to make him accept the fact that he needs to go kindy starting next year???

annabelle now age 2 years and 6 months...she is at her "horrible two" age...always want things to follow her way.....

but they both remain to be most important to darling daniel and sweetheart belle

oooh...and how about my hubby?
he left his job of 10 years at canon.... joined mitsui for 3 months and now working at sam mccoy..

and he is still my dear hubby

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, you and you!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

words from daniel

as a working mum, most of the we do not hv the privillege to be by our kids side when they hv their first smile, first word etc.....

and dunno since when, daniel's vocabulary has improved a lot.... thanks to the many repititive cartoons he watched on 613.....

and today, two new words from him is treasure & pickles... wonder if he understand the meaning of both words???

Monday, January 24, 2011


i can still be considered a new staff at my current working place.... have not know each and every colleague of mine from the next door, PBA Dept....

one fine day, i hv the chance to bump into a colleague, J from PBA..... we hv a short chat.... she's a bubbly & friendly gal... a mum of one young bb..... she's one of our product trainer... flying all over m'sia to conduct trainings to agents but her specialization is training in mandarin....

the next day, just the very next day, her dept's colleague informed us that her hubby passed a way the nite before due to heart attack... he was only 35 yrs old.....

in just a matter of hours after we chat, who would know that her hubby will die just like that? no sign of heart attack before... he onli complained of chest pain on the nite he passed away...

it just flashed to our mind that all this could happen to anyone of us... no matter young or old... no matter married or non married.... no matter with kids or without kids....

it has been almost a month and we hv not seen J at work place.... she has lots of things to settle before she could really be back to work..... as all this just happened in a flash.. without any warning and preparation.....

may her hubby R.I.P. and may J continue to stay strong for herself and her bb gal.... still a long journey for them to carry on...... our heart goes to them....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

potty training for daniel

this is the day, the first day which daniel knows when he wanna go "shee shee"... thx to MIL, daniel roughly knows when to alert us when he wanna pee...

at first, he informed mah mah every 15 minutes..... what makes he so co-operative??? it's becoz he gets to flush the toilet......but of course got a few times he totally forgot to inform us... he will then say "SAP SAI" (totally wet) while touching his wet pants.....

hope he still remembers what he need to do tomorrow, the days after etc...... it's time to get off from diapers

anyway, just wanna say to daniel: mummy so proud of you

Sunday, December 12, 2010

layered agar-agar

i hv always been fascinated by agar-agar.... thanks to hubby's influence.... i tried out this layered agar-agar... but not before i searched online for the easiest recipe to follow.... on the actual day itself, i followed non of the recipes... instead i ventured on my own... as in determining the level of water, sugar etc..... the result: 50% ok

coz i did two trays of it.... onli one survived... LOL.... which means onli one turned out good... the other one was "rosak"...... as in not presentable as the layers did not stick to each other....

the good one, we gave to nearby friends and relatives.... the bad one, into our own stomach of course....

here's the recipe for my own record... not a good one... will try to improvise it soon

** i used the normal swallow brand agar2 powder **

one packet of red agar2 powder
900ml water
100gm of sugar

one packet of yellow agar2 powder
900ml water
100gm of sugar

one packet of green agar2 powder
900ml water
100gm of sugar

two packets of clear color agar2
400ml of coconut milk powder
1400ml water
3 pandan leaves
1/2 tsp salt


1) cook (A) pour evenly into two different trays

2) cook (D). Once the (A) has harden a bit, measure about 600ml of (D) and pour evenly into the two trays. If (A) is too hard, lightly scratch it with a fork to form some "holes/ lines" so that (D) can stick onto it. The remaining of (D) to be keep in the pot and keep warm with a small flame
3) cook (B) then layered with (D) and repeat this step for (C)

** if got some leftover agar2, put it into those pattern mould, turns out nice as well **

this recipe is a bit time consuming compare to the normal agar2.for it to be succesful, must be really patience. preferably, the layered agar2 be cool off first before refrigerate it in the fridge for about 3 hours and finally be cut as u like.....